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TCON Dry Bath Systems

The Duratech TCON Dry Bath Systems, provide precise control to maintain test tubes at preset temperatures. They are far more convenient than water bath systems, require less space and very little maintenance. The dry baths provide up to four independent temperature zones, each programmable through our easy to use interface and custom software.

TCON 2000
The TCON 2000 has four heated/cooled blocks holding up to 40 samples with a range of 0°C to 70°C. This is an excellent unit with a wide working capacity.

TCON 1000
The TCON 1000 is a heating only version of the the TCON, it has a temperature range of ambient temperature to 110°C.

Each TCON system has an RS- 232 port for input and output to a computer.

Technical Documents:

TCON 2000 Brochure (Heating/Cooling Model)
TCON 2000 Brochure - SPANISH
TCON 2000 Manual

TCON 1000 Brochure (Heating Only Model)
TCON 1000 Brochure - SPANISH
TCON 1000 Manual

Calibration Record (pdf)


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