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The DuraPulse CX-20 is a high-quality, economical time domain DMR (TD-NMR) analyzer that is ideally suited to applications in pharmaceutical, plastics, and rubber industries. Liquid and solid samples can be analyzed in seconds for content and physical properties without requiring sample preparation.

The DuraPulse is available with three different exchangeable magnets to accomodate probes with diameters of 10mm (CX-20/10), 20mm (CX-20/20) and 40mm (CX-40/40) allowing it to easily handle samples with a wide range of viscosities, densities, and particle sizes. The standard probes are for proton NMR and special probes for fluorine NMR are available as well. When demanded by the application, temperature controlled probes can be added.

The DuraPulse CX-20 is available as a laboratory instrument with various automation options. Also available are systems for at-line or on-line flow through service.

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