ASP 960 AutoSampler



  • Sample Automation

  • Easy to Use

  • Runs up to 200 Samples

  • Several Configurations

Technical Information


83 cm


76.5 cm


85 cm


43 kg unpacked

Power Requirements:

120VAC at 1.0A, 50/60 Hz, single phase or 240VAC at 0.5A, 50/60 Hz, single phase

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Product Specs


The ASP 960 AutoSampler is a fully automated, programmable , gantry-style 3 axis robot. The 960 was made with NMR analysis specifically in mind, but has found uses in many other industries.

The ASP 960’s worry-free design and ease of use frees up your technicians to perform other tasks, allowing your laboratory to operate more efficiently. The ASP 960 drastically reduces the cost and time required for NMR analysis, with capabilities of RUNNING UP TO 200 SAMPLES UNATTENDED.

The AutoSampler can be custom fitted to your needs, choose from our large selection of standard configurations, ranging in tube sizes from 10mm - 60mm. The sample racks are removable allowing sample preparation away from your test station.

The ASP 960’s easy to use software enables sample test configuration. With the ability to write your own routines, you have the flexibility to create and save many programs to run your sample analysis while working elsewhere.


The ASP 960 is controlled via an RS-232 serial port by the same computer which runs your NMR analyzer or other programs.

Barcode Option

An optional laser barcoder mounted on the Z-axis is available, allowing each test tube to be uniquely identified by the unit.

Heating & Cooling Options

The sample racks may be replaced with a heating and cooling rack to provide precise temperature control of the samples before NMR or other analysis.

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