DTIR 970 Infrared Analyzer



  • Ultra - Sensitive

  • Auto - Gain

  • Backlit LCD Display

  • Full 16-Bit Resolution

  • Sealed IR Source

Technical Information


9.25 in


10.00 in


5.00 in

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3.44 micron hydrocarbon standard; others available
1 - 3.5 microns: Pulsed tungsten
Center Wavelength: 3.44 micronsDisplay Resolution
Longer than 3.5 microns: Application dependent
50% Bandwidth: 124 nanometers
Drift: (constant temp) (<1hr)±0.1% (full-scale)
Repeatability: ±0.1% (full scale)
(<8hr)±0.3% (full-scale)
100% Gain: Automatic and manual
Settle Time: (small Change) <5 seconds (blocked to 100%) <20 seconds
Full Scale Ranges: (Analog Output) 0-1VDC or 0-2VDC or 0-4VDC
Resolution: Analog Output 12 bits
32K RAM; 128 bit non-volatile
RS-232 16 bits
90-250VAC @ 1.0 A, 50/60 Hz, single phase


The Duratech DTIR is a low cost, high accuracy single wavelength IR analyzer. It features the latest technology, and has NO moving parts that can wear out.

The DTIR has Auto - Gain for 100% transmission, and outputs % transmission on its backlit LCD display. The pulsed - sealed tungsten IR source eliminates the need for a chopping motor and prevents stray chemical vapor reactions. The thermally compensated pyro-electric detector with built-in hydrocarbon filter has an integrated temperature compensation feature. The unit preforms a self check on power up, with error messages to assist in diagnostics and repair. The standard cell holder is for cells up to 4cm, with other arrangements available, and the DTIR 970 is a 100% compatible replacement fo rthe Foxboro Miran 1FF®. There is both RS-232 and analog output on the unit as well.

Optional Advanced Features

  • Keypad Interface

  • Performs and stores linear regressions

  • Output in PPM or concentration

  • Software for advanced calibration and editing

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